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Helen RaczIt is August of 2016 and as I sit to type out the “About Helen” information I am delighted and amazed that this website is even being created. Although this site is primarily to share the teachings and guidance that flow through me from the Emissarians, it does feel appropriate to share my personal path to this strange and exhilarating partnership. So here is my story.

I believe my true spiritual journey began when my youngest son, Sean, was born very angry. His anger and my confusion as a mother propelled me on a journey to find spiritual answers that soon led me outside my traditional religious upbringing and into metaphysical teachings. My search to help my son woke me up from the pain of not knowing or feeling my spiritual connection. Raised Catholic, I struggled with teachings that made no sense to me. As an adult I prayed daily for many years: “Thank you God for helping me grow to know you better. Thank you for helping me feel my connection to the whole. Thank you for freeing me from the limitations of my ego so that I might reach the potential that you see for me.” I laugh often that I never thought to add “And please don’t let it be weird!”

At 7 years of age, Sean was diagnosed with severe scoliosis. It seemed this happened overnight. The doctor insisted on immediate x-rays and he told us that this was the worst case he had ever seen in child of that age. He left no doubt that we were dealing with an extreme situation. We were told there was nothing to be done but to watch it due to Sean’s age. I felt certain it was his anger that had contorted his spine because I knew it had not been that way just the day before!

Through a series of “synchronistic” connections I had recently been referred to a well-known energy worker and had set up an appointment for myself out of curiosity. Although I had no understanding of what energy work was, I felt a calm certainty that this appointment was meant for Sean. After only one session I noticed that Sean was much calmer in everyday life and his anger was far less. At his next check up, the x-rays were normal and there was no further mention of scoliosis.

This miraculous healing for my child launched me full force into learning as much as I could about energy and alternative methods of healing. All of this deepened my spiritual connection and understanding of my Creator that had eluded me for so long. Ultimately, this path led me into EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) which felt like home. It was through EFT that I could observe miracles happening as I learned to step aside and let the energy flow unencumbered and let the words come out of my mouth that were meant for the person I was working with. I didn’t know that I was already in training for my next adventure.

Tapping became my fulltime vocation both in private sessions and in groups. My groups grew quickly over 9 years under the care and love of the Spectrum Center community, Houston’s oldest holistic wellness center. My family became comfortable with my “weirdness” (being a physical empath and literally feeling what others were experiencing) and my two sons and my husband supported me at every turn of this exciting and unexpected adventure. They gave me courage when I knew fear. Patience when I was anxious. Humor when I took it all too seriously. I can clearly see how lovingly I have been cared for on this path to the Emissarians.

I soon began to realize that I was truly not as intelligent and wise as some (most!?) of the words and teachings which were coming out of my mouth. I’m good, but not that good. Soon others began to reflect things I’d said that I didn’t remember saying, or mention that I spoke “differently” or used phrases that were uncommon for my personality. It was my friend and videographer, Alan, who began to point out that he was witnessing something “otherworldly” coming through in the EFT Tapping Groups and my weekly Self-Invest classes. Alan filmed my weekly classes to stream online and to create videos for YouTube. He was very accustomed to seeing and hearing me, with my family, socializing, tapping and teaching so I paid attention.

In March of 2015, I told Alan I was ready to purposely make room for the channeled energy, who had now identified themselves as the Emissarians. He was all in! We decided to ask them to respond to questions privately and without the process of tapping. Alan came armed with questions and as the energy flowed more directly, I had to learn to allow my physical body to express the words as rapidly as they were coming. I’m from the South and they don’t seem to understand that we speak more slowly here!

It took more than either of us expected to intentionally open as a channel. I invested in regular energy work to help my physical body as I diligently affirmed my commitment in thought, word and action. I felt fear - not intellectual fear, but incredibly visceral sensations in my body which led me to more personal and spiritual growth.

In March of 2016 I began to “practice” channeling with public groups and answer questions during my regular Thursday EFT nights at Spectrum Center. Alan diligently records all of the sessions and here we are now, sharing this as it continues to evolve.

I look forward to being in as much ease and joy while channeling as I am in the tapping and teaching. The Emissarians are always so loving and supportive and shine through in all my workshops. They give me and others valuable and transformative information on how to shift into a better experience here on earth. As I continue to practice getting out of their way, I look forward to what they will continue to offer us in words, love and vibration.

I thank you for being part of this wonderful journey as the E’s grow with us, through us and for us!


My Mission Statement:
I AM a Catalyst of Positive Change through Transformational Vibration, Divine Love and Divine Wisdom.

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