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And so we thank you for your ability to be here.
And we actually thank you for your patience because it is a long process if you're on earth. We do not struggle with that. We do not perceive that in any way, but we know that you feel great impatience. And so we bring to you tools and frequency and ideas and concepts in ways that we hope will support you to move more quickly into that which you desire: a very good, a very loving, a very effective and powerful experience of you.

Who are the Emissarians?

The Emissarians are a group of non-physical entities whose purpose is to help us develop skills and understanding to lead more fruitful, thriving lives. There is so much we can do to have a better experience of ourselves, and The Emissarians' desire is to assist us in this quest. They do not wish for us to see them as an authority, but to be prompted by them to observe our own authority, and to seek the knowledge that serves us in choosing what we want to create in our life experiences.

Helen Racz

Helen Racz

Helen is a conduit through which The Emissarians communicate with us. She is a mentor, life coach and teacher of vibrational law in Houston, TX. Through her practice using Emotional Freedom Technique and meditation, she began to realize that she was channeling an external source for many of her tapping sessions, who she later identified as the Emissarians. Helen has learned to consciously connect to The Emissarians so we might benefit from their guidance.

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Inspiration from The Emissarians on Self-Love

"Self-love cannot be experienced when you are in judgment. And the strongest, the most negative frequency of judgment that any of you hold are towards yourselves.... And we bless you and support you and we ask you to be open to the possibility of discerning. Discerning the past that you have been, the thoughts that you have held, the decisions that you have made or not made; the choices or the lack of choices. If you could see it through discernment more gently, more lovingly, you could integrate this frequency in a way that would quantum leap you into many of your desires. You would actually receive things that feel better to you than what you have physically stated as desires. You would actually resonate at such a high level that it be most pleasurable, most delightful - and you would find a great level of happiness that is what you are seeking, and you cannot even imagine it yet."

Inspiration from The Emissarians on Bringing the Heart to Earth

". . . spend the next few days asking what choice am I in? Then we would advise that you ask a little more clearly. Ask: Is the choice I'm choosing, does it support the energy of my heart? Does it uplift me? Does it engage me with the delightfulness of being me? Does it align me to happiness and expansion, ease and acceptance? And (you will find) not all your decisions will be in alignment with your heart. But, if you’re clear that this is the priority of your lifetime here, protecting the heart, expanding the heart, knowing the heart, expansion through the energy of the heart, contributing and receiving through the energy of the heart — if you know that is the priority, many things will fall in place to support you in all your physical commitments and responsibilities. You would align easily to all the things that would give you a fulfilling life. It will still take management on the earth level because that is what you are here to explore."

Inspiration from The Emissarians on Re-Aligning

". . . even in the times that you have felt horrible, even in adopting victim consciousness, even in exploring lower frequencies like guilt and shame, judgment, gossip, if you make space to align to the belief that you are an aspect of One Source exploring, evolving, expanding, you can more easily let go of the judgment and simply choose differently."

Inspiration from The Emissarians

"And that is the mission: to be a great spirit in human form, to do all the grunt work, all the busy work, all the management work, all the self-discipline work so that the heart can thrive here in this dimension. That is the calling you've been invited to. That is what you agreed to before you came here."

Inspiration from The Emissarians on Seeking To Understand

"Seeking to understand is literally the frequency of desiring to know your Self in Truth. The truth is you are connected to All. You are concerned with All, you are contributing to All and that which shows up in your reality is something you are connected to. In seeking to understand, you are inviting a space within you to evolve yourself into a higher knowing, into a much larger consciousness.... Whether it is represented by listening to someone else, a movie, a book, trying to understand different paradigms, different cultures, different religions, different teachings, different politics, different opinions - anytime you reach to stretch yourself like that, you are literally engaging in a frequency that says: Hey, I know I am so much more than this. I know that I am great, a fabulous, divine being. I know that I am connected, that I am loved and supported and it is safe for me to be curious and expand and explore and continue forward."

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