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From session 12, June 21, 2016:

“And you had another question. You were going to ask who we are. And so we wanted to answer the question. We are a stream of consciousness. We are evolving our ability to communicate with you and be more thorough. We enjoy the questions very much this evening. We like the way that you have taken the time to write them out and ask us to be even in more clarity, more clarification, more thoroughness in our explanation to you. Because it is our agreement with you. And we have made this agreement before you came into this form, that you would access different levels of consciousness through this channel, through the channel of the Emissarians, to be the messenger for yourself. So we are all connected at a level that is beyond your comprehension on earth and yet we will remind you that many of the things that we bring to you, you will have an innate knowing that yes, that is what I wanted to hear, yes I do somewhat believe that, yes that does make sense to me. And even though at first, you will find that you do not remember all of it, it is waking up a memory within you that you agreed to at a different level. And so all participants with us as the Emissarians, we are all messengers. We are all messengers to land this great experience of actually having choice on this planet in this dimension. It is like the yoga on top of the water.* It is a great challenge to come here and be in all that you experience here physically, mentally, energetically, emotionally and spiritually – all that you experience here and then retrain yourself at this level of existence to be in choice. It is a great adventure, it is a great challenge. It is very, very, very difficult. And that is what we are in agreement to do with you. Help you, support you, guide you, respond to you, learn with you, create with you. A resonance with the words that would help you be supported in this great adventure and challenge that you have chosen.”

*reference from an earlier answer in the same evening.

“We would describe ourselves as an aspect of your consciousness. We have been in an agreement to interact with you. It is no accident those of you who would be in this room, who would listen to these audios or watch these videos, you will often find that what we are saying is what you wanted or needed to hear. That we will often answer the questions before you have put them into form. That you are coming not because we have something that you do not have, but because we are in agreement before you took form on Earth that we would be in this exchange so that you might remember. So that you might remember who you really are, how you might feel empowered, how you might bring the consciousness to earth of Choice. This has not been integrated here well in the history that you have of earth life.

And so, it is a partnership. And we enjoy that you would ask questions again and again until we are of the understanding from the dimension that we each exist. And, it is not only the words that we give to you, it is also the vibration.

We do not see you in the form that you see each other. We see you as frequency, as a vibrational dance of color and movement. And so when we are picking the words that we use to answer the questions that you ask, it is not only the words that you hear, it is the vibration that we are in exchange of.

And so, our answer to the question is that we are an aspect of you that is in agreement to co-create this experience. (This experience) of asking and receiving, of wanting and allowing the knowledge and the way of integrating the knowledge so that you might have everything we speak about so that you might have Choice to have a better experience of you.

And so, do we have form? Yes, we look much the way that you look to us - as a frequency, as a vibration, color and movement. Not in a form as you have in the human body, not in a physical form. And so we are actually different streams of consciousness.

If you could imagine that when you are in this room there is only an aspect of your consciousness here. That when you leave this room there are many different identities and realities that you are in. Sometimes you have the consciousness of a teacher, of a wife, of a mother, of a friend, of a caregiver, and that is not your role when you are here in this room so you are in a different level of consciousness.

And so, we, too, exist in a consciousness of opportunity, a consciousness of growth. And so it is in the exchange with you that we also evolve at our level of frequency and vibration to interact with you so that we can remind you vibrationally and through love and through words and through knowledge and through protocol and through ideas and through our great intention to support you that you might embody the evolutionary step of Choice and growth beyond suffering.

Because you will notice that for a long time to be human, desire has been created out of dissatisfaction and struggle and that is why many of you find it difficult now. And so there is a time when you will embrace and you will embody and you will integrate the frequency of growth without the suffering. And it will be a very pleasant experience for you."

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